The Ripple Effect by Chris Bashinelli

By Chris Bashinelli | June 07, 2021

"Working with students and educators gives us the ability to affect change on a profound level."

What’s most inspiring to me about working with educational groups is the “ripple effect.” Working with students and educators gives us the ability to affect change on a profound level. Student's minds are malleable and still open to new ideas. The older we get, we sometimes get fixed in our ways, unwilling to look at the same problem from a new angle. Students however, are often willing to take a much more fresh and open approach to learning and problem-solving. In this way, they teach us much about adaptability and understanding.
When we can introduce new and positive ideas into young minds, the ripple effect of that learning can have a more profound impact than we could ever imagine. Because that change happens at an early time, it has the ability to influence a student’s direction for the rest of their lives, and all of the people they encounter throughout their life. This change can positively impact one’s career, family life and even an entire community. 
Educators are like farmers - the seeds they plant have the ability to have inspiring benefits down the line, which we may not be able to see right now. It’s a ripple effect because the ideas the teachers and educators present to their students have the potential not only to impact their student's lives directly, but all of the people they encounter throughout the course of their life. In this way, a single workshop, story, video, lesson or even a single idea is like a stone being dropped into a lake. Although we can only see the immediate waves of change that result from that stone, the positive ripple effect can extend beyond even the limits of our imagination. 
My hope with these educational workshops is that we can bring an accessible approach to inclusion and diversity that helps us not only accept, but truly appreciate each of our cultures as a way to celebrate our shared humanity. I hope we can bring an easy to understand approach to mental health that gives students and educators the tools they need to reduce stress and increase peace. Finally, I hope the workshops remind us of our own deepest truths, so that we have the courage to share them with the world.
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