The Promise United Airlines Never Made - Jason Hewlett

By cmiadmin | April 13, 2017

Before passing my own judgments on what occurred with United Airlines and their incredible lack of customer safety, service, and offering of dignity to passengers from the recent debacle, I thought I’d better look it up on their web site first.

What does United Airlines truly stand for?

What is their Promise to the Customer?

I believe any of us truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Yet here it is, in plain English, a screenshot from their web site and Mission Statement called Customer Commitment!

United Airlines Mission Statement – Where’s The Promise?

A Commitment is a strong word, but not as strong as a Promise kept.

2nd paragraph begins, “Our goal is to make every flight a positive experience for our customers.”


Hmmmm.  Looks like a really REALLY big miss on that goal.  Don’t think the Doc had a positive experience, United.

Time and time again on this blog I have asked, “Why set a GOAL when you can MAKE A PROMISE?”

Folks, goals are not strong enough.  I don’t care about your goals, I don’t care about your “commitment”, I only care about your promises.

Promise me you’ll give me the best deal.

Promise me you’ll get me to my destination.

Promise me you’ll treat me with respect and give me a positive experience in your care.

If I see one more Mission Statement with “this is our goal…” wording I’m going to lose it.

But as we’ve seen, United has lost it.  Lost credibility, lost money, lost customers.

A goal is something that can be moved, can be altered depending on circumstance, on feeling.  If I set a goal to hit a deadline it may or may not happen.  Even a commitment to do better isn’t you giving me your word.  But if you set a Promise to hit the deadline you’re going to deliver!

Change your words, change your outcome.   Goals are particulars, Promises are proclamations.

As we can see, this “Commitment” or “Goal” on their mission statement isn’t strong enough.

United Airlines, please create a Mission Statement we can believe, something that promises us you won’t rip us off airplanes in favor of getting seats for your employees.

What goals and commitments can you shift into promises in your business today?

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