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The Promise at Home - Jason Hewlett

By cmiadmin | February 16, 2017

In speaking on The Promise to corporate attendees, one of the principles is The Family – AKA The Team.

We all work as a Team, succeed as champions as a Team, sometimes share the sorrows of loss as the Team.

That is why I call it The Family.  Because once you’ve been through so much in the workplace, on the field of competition, or creating and executing an amazing event, YOU become a Family real quick.

The questions asked to end the presentation of The Family segment are as follows:

  1. How do you show TRUST in the abilities and Signature Moves of The Family / The Team?
  2. Give an example of how you’ve given another person within The Family the opportunity to excel in the past week:
  3. How are you taking what you’ve learned as a family member at work and doing the same at home with those who mean the most to you?

I have found this final question to be the toughest for any of us.

At work we have an Audience, customers who listen, who respect us and allow us to do our job.

Yet translate that over to home life and things are sometimes quite maddening, no matter if you have teens or little babies crawling around.

Regardless of the outcome, we must always keep The Promise to allow those in our lives to succeed in their own capacity.  Even when they are a 5 year old kid and you ask them to do something for the whole family.

For a few years I have performed the following routine as a way to show the importance of letting our little ones teach us, yes we can laugh about it, but the important part isn’t how the family prayer turns out, but rather that we just do it daily.  And then we can laugh that it still didn’t turn out like we hoped:

Maybe you can relate.  I’m just grateful we keep the Promise of giving our kids the chance to express themselves and we instruct from there.  We just make sure to be consistent and fully present.

The Promise is 100% PRESENCE.

The point is, we must show up – at work and at home.

How do you bring The Promise to work and home?

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