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The Purpose-Driven Customer Experience - Lior Arussy

By cmiadmin | August 02, 2016

The Purpose-Driven Customer Experience - Lior Arussy

The days of simple processes and quality products are gone. Welcome to the new age of customer experience.

Let's talk about eggs. If we go to Albertsons or ShopRite and purchase a dozen eggs, the price will be $2.59. If we opt for cage free eggs at Whole Foods, we are looking at a price tag of $4.99 or more. This is nearly a 100 percent increase in the price of eggs. By my own calculation, both eggs will deliver the same amount of cholesterol to my body, and the omelet I will make of them will most likely taste the same. So why is it that rational people opt to pay 100 percent more for what is seemingly the same commoditized product? Read full article here. 


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