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Touchpoint Dashboard Powered by Strativity Featured in Time Sqaure

By cmiadmin | November 02, 2015

unnamedStrativity is pleased to announce the acquisition of Touchpoint Dashboard, the leading SaaS journey mapping platform, forming the world’s largest CX transformation organization. 

This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to execution, extending the impact of CX on organizations through a journey management tool.

“Strativity now takes its value to the next level with the addition of a journey management platform to ensure execution and sustainability,” said Strativity President Lior Arussy, adding that clients can develop and manage journeys on their own knowing that they have access to Strativity, redefining CX execution with the true fusion of technology and consulting.

Touchpoint Dashboard customers will benefit from some exciting new enhancements, such as:

Action planning and management will be provided to all Touchpoint Dashboard clients, enabling a movement from Journey Mapping to Journey Management with live, evolving journeys, beyond the static maps you may expect.

Touchpoint Dashboard customers will automatically become members of our expanded journey mapping community.

Exclusive access to 10 Members-Only Consultative Workshops with experienced journey mappers and CX professionals providing best practices and tips you can use to get the most out of Touchpoint Dashboard.


This is your opportunity to join the largest community of journey mapping professionals and leverage a tool that will allow you to accelerate success in your organization. For a 15-Day Free Trial of Touchpoint Dashboard, please visit TouchpointDashboard.com.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this new venture. If you’d like to learn more about Touchpoint Dashboard or Customer Journey Mapping, please contact marketing@touchpointdashboard.com.


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