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Recording from Dark Horse Hits #2 on Billboard Charts

By cmiadmin | July 08, 2014

Robin Crow provided us with the scoop on the latest happenings at his recording studio Dark Horse. The metal band Mastodon tracked, overdubbed, and mixed their most recent album at Dark Horse during the past month. Their latest album Once More 'Round The Sun is at #12 on the Billboard Charts. In just a few days, RED begins tracking for their upcoming album. They'll be at Dark Horse on and off for the rest of the summer working on the project. RED has a massive following and always lands in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts.

Last week the Jersey Boys movie soundtrack, which was recorded at Dark Horse, hit #2 on the Billboard Charts. Bob Gaudio was at Dark Horse recently putting the final touches on the music soundtrack before it hit theaters on June 20.

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