Accelerating Performance in Turbulent Times

John "Gucci" Foley Virtual Experience

Connecting, aligning, and unifying teams in this virtual world can be a daunting task. John Foley’s virtual events on leadership, high-performance, positivity, team-building, culture, trust and innovation are customizable to all departments of your company, including the innovation team, business development team, sales team and leadership.

John’s virtual sessions enable deeper, more meaningful communication and more personal interaction while his unmatched enthusiasm and energy transfers to the screen filling every room with excitement and passion. With rare behind-the-scenes footage of John flying with the Blue Angels, his virtual sessions include polls, interactive exercises and Q&A to take participants to the next level.


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John’s presentations have a cascading effect - attendees leave with valuable information and strategies to implement immediately; they are also equipped with the enthusiasm to share what they’ve learned with others.

After each presentation, leaders often ask how they can instill John’s lessons into their organizations. What they’re really talking about is the Glad to Be Here® debrief and the Glad to Be Here® Mindset, tools that can accelerate learning and planning at any level. After the virtual keynote, John offers multi-part virtual training which addresses your company’s most pressing challenges, and provide steps to immediately apply the solutions and integrate them into your team’s daily professional life.


  • John's process for building a culture of excellence
  • Team alignment with your vision
  • John's debriefing process creates a safe space for trust, communication and execution
  • His approach inspires a disciplined dedication to teamwork
  • A shared attitude of gratitude called “Glad To Be Here®,” which transforms your organization

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